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What types of Cyprus Companies can be incorporated?

  • The Cyprus Private Limited Company

    Cyprus Private Limited Companies is similar to UK Limited Companies, since the legislation for Cypriot Companies is based on its British counterpart. Basically, the main features of a Cyprus Private Limited Company are:

    • Minimum of one shareholder and maximum of 50 shareholders
    • One company Director (can also be the unique shareholder)
    • Restricted right to transfer shares (all shareholders must agree – see company articles)
    • No public offering of shares (only Public Ltd Companies can offer to general public)
    • Minimum of two shares of stock (any nominal value - share capital easily increased later)
    • The appointment of a company secretary is mandatory (Amedia acts as corporate secretary)
  • The Cyprus Public Limited Company (PLC)

    Any company that does not have restrictions on the transfer of shares and can therefore offer shares to the public will be considered a Public Limited Company or PLC. Cyprus PLCs, must also comply with the following:

    • Minimum of 7 shareholders
    • Minimum issued share capital must be 25,630 Euros

    Any company registered under the Cypriot Companies' Act that fits these requirements can be listed on the Cyprus Stock Exchange.

  • The Cyprus Trust and International Trust

    Trusts and International trusts in Cyprus enjoy significant tax saving advantages and are widely used in tax planning and preserving the intergenerational assets of wealthy individuals and their families. Trust and estate planning can involve many variables and we encourage you to contact us in order to help you structure your Cyprus Trust.

  • Other Company Incorporation in Cyprus

    We can also offer you to set up the following legal structures upon request:

    • Company Limited by Guarantee: mostly used for NGOs or charities
    • Cyprus Branch of an Overseas Company: Companies have 1 month to declare a Branch in Cyprus
    • General Partnership: 2 to 20 partners
    • Limited Partnership: Some members will have limited liability and at least one partner unlimited
    • Sole Proprietorship: Has unlimited liability for debts, but can register a business name
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