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Amedia Partners Cyprus: Experience, Confidentiality, Reactivity since 1991

Amedia Partners Cyprus is a member of the Amedia Group. The group has developed tools and solutions to support worldwide entrepreneurs since 1991. We are specialists in company formations, international tax planning, EU VAT and we have a lot of experience in e-commerce, including online and offline Billing Solutions and seamlessly integrating large numbers of online transactions into popular accounting software solutions. We also provide clockwork accounting and secretarial services through our network of offices and chartered or certified accounting firms.

Amedia's clients are varied, while we tend to focus more on e-business provider (no other provider knows as much as we do about e-business; we surprise clients that are leading figures in e-business with innovating solutions), finance and high technology businesses, we are managing a very wide portfolio of clients and legal structures.

Amedia's staff is multilingual and holds university degrees and specialist qualifications. Our guiding principles are to provide outstanding quality of service and to always be well informed about changes and upcoming regulations. We listen carefully to our clients and help them anticipate the future and budget not only for their current needs but also for their future challenges and opportunities.

As a leading corporate service provider, Amedia Partners offers a plethora of entrepreneurial tools and experience. Among Amedia's employees and network, you will find some of the best tax planners, legal advisors, charted Accountants, financial advisors, e-commerce consultants, administrators, company secretaries, offshore back-office facilities and a support staff highly trained in the business in order to help you achieve your goals.

Amedia Partners basic services include the following:

  • Tax planning and compliance
  • Business start-up consulting
  • Company Formation and Branch Registration
  • Legal structures for licensing, royalties and franchising
  • Legal support work and secretarial work
  • Work contract via our network of attorneys and solicitors
  • Accounting and auditing services
  • Payroll formalities and International payroll services
  • VAT consulting
  • Carrying out re-invoicing and factoring on behalf of clients (you use our companies)
  • Assistance with opening banking relationships
  • Offering Nominee Directors and Shareholders
  • Holding Shares in trust
  • Procuring e-commerce merchant accounts and billing solutions

Auxiliary Services that Amedia Partners can arrange Include:

  • Assisting clients finding local personnel
  • Advising clients regarding e-commerce: hosting, technologies and strategy
  • Assisting clients in setting up IP and Internet communications for office networks and in technology problematic countries, as well as IT solutions that improve business processes
  • Finding offices or other commercial spaces by working with local RE agents
  • Assisting company directors in relocating by synchronizing with local offices' relocations
  • Securing licenses for regulated sectors, such as the gambling license, in order to do business
  • Finding factoring providers
  • Drawing up business plans
  • Applying for financing

We are able to work in the following languages: English, French, Spanish and German
(If you need assistance in the following languages, we can also accommodate with some advance warning: Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Hebrew, Russian and Arabic, we also can offer them upon request)
If you are a consultant or an intermediary, we would be interested in working with yourself and your clients finding honest and systematic ways for you to earn credits, discounts or cash on all the services depending on your preferences.
If you are an affiliation platform, and you would like to develop the traffic on any of the websites of the Amedia Group of Companies, Amedia Group's websites, you can collaborate and earn very generous income.

Amedia Financial Partners ltd – BVI - is the owner of this website and all of its content and intellectual property. The purpose of Ameia is to give general information about incorporating a company in Cyprus and how to maintain it, not to give tax planning conultancy only. Forming a company in Cyprus is different according to each individual and situation. Consequently, we strongly recommend you to contact our team of experts or an independent consultant before forming a Cyprus limited company via this website.

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