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Advantages of Cyprus

Companies operate in a healthy environment

Cyprus is a Mediterranean island situated 328 km west of Israel and 65 km south of Turkey. Population is a little over 800 0000. Cyprus is a full member of the EU since 2004 and the official currency is the Euro since 2008. Although Greek is the predominant language, English is widely spoken and used in business and present on most official documents.

The business philosophy on the Island and within its government is one of the free enterprise, that is why all of the fiscal laws and regulations laid out by the government show this state of mind and willingness to generate wealth. Economic projections for the next years are strongly positive with no sign of recession. Predicted GDP growth is at 4% yearly and company incorporations in Cyprus are soaring at exponential rates.

Foreign investment is encouraged as long as it does not adversely affect the environment. Because of its strategic location, Cyprus has become a major container business hub, where shipping companies stock and dispatch containers throughout Europe, Asia and Africa.
Thanks to its numerous treaties and tax advantages (for dividends, royalties and interests), Cyprus is also widely used for outwards investments and financing. As an example, Russia's number one foreign investor is Cyprus.

Cyprus company incorporation, will offer you the following advantages

  • Cyprus companies enjoy a corporate tax rate of 12,5% (one of the lowest tax rate in the EU)
  • Corporations are subjected to a Cyprus VAT rate of 19%
  • In most cases, there will be no tax on dividends received
  • No tax on profits from the sale of shares or securities
  • In most cases there will be no tax on received royalties, interests and dividends
  • Companies in Cyprus profit from a large network of double taxation treaties
  • We can obtain EU registered VAT numbers in a short period of time (1 to 2 weeks)
  • The formation and the maintenance rates for a company in Cyprus are competitive
  • Cypriot government is stable and establishes a really favourable fiscal policy for new entrepreneurs
  • Accounting and Auditing are all up to IFRS standards
  • Cyprus Private Limited Companies can be single member companies
  • The global legal framework is based on the British model, i.e. simple and modern
  • Good banking facilities
  • Total discretion with the legal use of Nominee Directors and Trustee Shareholders
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